Protection of the environment is to protect our own

Professional core and major practice areas: environmental ecology , the basis of the water environmental chemistry , environmental hydrology basis , the basis of the ambient atmosphere , instrumental analysis , water microbiology , detection and protection of water environment , water pollution treatment projects , environmental law and environmental management environmental quality assessment and planning , water treatment process .

Total pollutant discharge monitoring program

To prove the merits of the degree of water quality and ecology and to experience with the human body, can be regarded as a biological monitoring, but there is no need to put their lives testing the waters ", the state through the observation of a variety of biological survival of the water, you can getmore long-term and comprehensive test results, long-term life of aquatic organisms in the water, the water quality of the environment change will affect their shape, survival, quantity, and so on. Due to the economic development of the local river ecosystem destruction, so that many aquatic plants and animals in the river to the gradual extinction of some endemic valuable aquatic disappeared, based on historical data records, after a number of various biological and population and find the reasons for their disappearance, to discover the source of pollution, identify countermeasures. Such as: fish in the nearby river, the water dissolved oxygen, heavy metals sensitive to the water quality will affect the physiological indicators, growth indicators and mortality can be achieved through the measurement of the status of the signs, the monitoring of water quality the role of Another example is the salmon as remediation Rhine indicator organism, can be used to test the effect of overall recovery of the river ecosystem, the process of governance in the Rhine in Germany, the goal of governance is "Let the salmon return to the Rhine. British governance River Thames, has spent nearly 100 years until the late 1970s, after the renovation of the River Thames to rediscover the basin on behalf of fish - salmon.

  • What is the point sources , line sources and surface sources of pollution.
  • What is Eutrophication ? Eutrophication is the harm ?
  • Pollutants in the water migration and transformation ?
  • Physical pollution of the water body type ?
  • Municipal wastewater reclamation and water quality when used for urban miscellaneous water What are the requirements ?
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometry equipment used what ?
Summary and compilation of the most basic water chemistry, environmental engineering microbial response theory, the theory of reactor for water treatment and water quality objectives and water quality standards; On this basis, an overview of the water environmental engineering, including knowledge of water supply works and drainage works;section describes the principle, classification of the various water treatment unit, scope, applicable conditions and influencing factors, and their analysis and evaluation; introduced at home and abroad the latest water treatment methods and techniques, wastewaterthe significance of the processing technology and sewage resources. Great importance to elaborate on the basic theory, concepts and methods, rigorous and systematic, clear and concise introduction to the water environment at home and abroad a new theory, new methods, new technologies, new equipment.
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